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More Swoodis will be back in stock in September

Swoodi Kids range of cleverly designed, warm and comforting swim robes are so handy, they'll have you wishing this Aussie brand was around when you were a child!

A combination of 'swim' and 'hoodie', a Swoodi is the perfect thing for any member of the family to throw on after a swim, and are especially welcome when the day - or the water - is a little chilly.

Swoodi Kids know little ones can be full of energy, and that it can be tricky to keep them warm after a dip, when all the want to do is run wild without a heavy beach towel weighing them down!  That's why their range is 100% practical and fun, with hooded towels and swim robes that allow your children to move around comfortably while looking stylish and on trend.

They’re cleverly designed with extra wide arms, durable zippers which will stand up to salt and sun, and over-sized hoods which won’t bother your little ones to wear.  The quality of their fabrics is second to none – thick, thirsty and soft – and we love the gender-neutral colour range.

PLUS – and we know you’ll love this – all Swoodi hooded towels are equipped with pockets (to keep your coins for an ice cream safe, right?) and all offer high sun protection with SPF 50+ rating.

A great gift idea for the little fishies in your family or friendship circle!  And if you need something apt to pair with your Swoodi, may we suggest Bling20's range of decorated swim goggles?