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The Cuckoo’s Nest is more than a toy store and children's boutique - it's a shopping adventure that’s full of surprises. Whether you come in for a bespoke gift, designer brand children's clothing, shoes or just inspiration, you’ll always discover something fun and new.  And you'll likely meet and be served by owner and operator, Teri Pearson...

Hi, I'm Teri.

I'm a nest building, toy-loving treasure hunter who loves to help parents create picture-perfect wardrobes and unique play experiences for their children.

If you’re looking for hard-to-find, unusual or handmade toys and clothing that are not in the major retail stores, then The Cuckoo’s Nest is for you!

Enriching Everyday Play.

If you want to enrich your children’s play with original, meaningful and unique experiences, think…

●      Montessori and Steiner inspired

●      Heirloom quality

●      Wooden toys and games

At The Cuckoo’s Nest, I’ve made sure that you’ll find a treasure trove of discoveries that will engage, inspire and educate.  I love to help your children fire-up their imagination with play that gets them thinking, counting and laughing.

As a Parent...

I know how hard it is to keep children entertained. You want fun activities that grow their hearts and minds, toys that encourage creativity and games that improve language and development.

I know it’s hard to avoid electronic toys - after all, I’ve been there with my 3 children!  I saw how much waste there was with plastic throw-away toys and always tried to include timber toys that would last. Now with The Cuckoo’s Nest, I’m mindful to support sustainable toy makers who create unique pieces of heirloom quality to pass down from your children to their children.

I believe…

Every parent (OK, usually Mum!) deserves to have fun dressing their little ones up. After all, there’s only a small window of time when you get to choose your child’s wardrobe... believe me, soon enough they won’t have a bar of it.

Whether you want a cool street look or pretty florals, I want you to be spoilt for choice at The Cuckoo’s Nest. I’m passionate about keeping up with trends, watching the 'Gram for inspiration and searching the globe for new and exciting styles for you.


Take a look inside!