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About The Little Potion Co.: The Little Potion Co. presents Mindful Magic® Potion Kits, designed to spark children's imagination and empower them through creative play. Each kit includes magical potion ingredients, recipe cards, and affirmations to promote positivity, conquer fears, and navigate emotions.

Age Recommendations: These potion kits are suitable for ages 3 and up, with younger children benefiting from adult guidance. But the enchantment knows no age limit, as children up to around 12 and even adults have discovered the joy of creating magical potions. Safety note: the kits contain small parts, so please exercise caution around children under 3.

The Magic of Potion Crafting: The real enchantment lies in creating, reciting affirmations, and mindful play. Once your potion is crafted, you can bottle it up for future use, freeze it for sensory play, or apply a drop to a beloved toy for a touch of magic. Some keep their potions as dream elixirs or calming talismans in their bedrooms.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: The ingredients are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, sourced from pantries and nature. Glitter used is biodegradable or natural (mica). Little Potopn Co is committed to using eco-friendly BioGlitter®, certified to break down in freshwater in 90 days. 

Environmental Responsibility: While they aim to minimize our environmental footprint, these potion bottles are made of PET plastic, a highly recyclable material. Little Potion Co's choice prioritises safety around children while encouraging bottle reuse and recycling.