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Bedhead Hats

Bedhead Hats are loved, adored and cherished by parents across Australia - and often top lists of mummy bloggers favourite sunhats for children!

All Bedhead Bucket hats, Baby Bucket hats & Legionnaire styles have achieved a rating of UPF50+ Excellent Protection. Bedhead Hats make comfy sun hats that children love to wear and best of all, that provide comfort for parents in the knowledge their little one's are protected in the sun. Bedhead Hats is a family run business based on the NSW Central Coast who take pride in creating a range of hats that make sun safety more comfortable for babies & children.

Having encountered the usual issues in finding a suitable hat (and getting it to stay on!) when their son was little, the founders of Bedheads know only too well how hard it can be to get kids to keep little heads protected from the hot sun in the Aussie summer! They created Bedhead Hats to get around these issues, with tiny sizes available to enable newborns to becomes used to the feeling of wearing a hat when outside, and straps to help encourage children to leave their hats on.

Add in great, fun prints and lightweight UV proof fabric and you've got the perfect sunhat for Australian children! If you'd love to encourage your toddler to search for their hat to pop on before heading outdoors each time, Bedhead Hats is the brand for you.

Want to learn more? See our blog article on Bedhead hats to discover all the great benefits for your child. And don't forget to checkout our full Hat range for more choices!