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Olli Ella

Olli Ella is the home of sustainably made homewares, apparel, children's products, toys and baskets. Using natural materials which are sourced sustainably, they focus on ethical production to create their range of must have clothes, toys and bags.

If you're looking for a beautiful, unique gift that will LAST for a little person whose family share Olli Ella's values of sustainbility and responsible production, look no further.  Everything this brand create is made with care and attention to detail, as well as an eye for on-trend, earthy colours.

One of the signature Olli Ella products we stock is the Luggy, a super-cute child - or doll - sized version of a retro shopping basket on wheels, in rattan. Rattan is a renewable, sustainable material which is enjoying a comeback in popularity right now, and which has a strong vintage chic appeal.  Speaking of vintage chic theme, check out the See-Ya wheelie suitcase range, which will have your little one packed and ready for adventures every day of the week!

The Olli Ella Mushroom and Casa (house-shaped) cases are both made with rattan and are an adorable, fresh gift choice for little girls or boys to tote their treasures in.  Plus check out the sweet Piki picnic baskets and the Olli Ella range of doll accessories - sweet, natural and designed to spark the imagination!