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Connetix Tiles

We love Connetix Tiles, which make it easy for kids to construct 2D and 3D shapes, using their imagination and creativity to play and build!

Connetix magnetic tiles were developed to encourage cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awarenessand to help children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts.  By encouraging learning through PLAY, Connetix make fun an educational experience!

In the same way as other building and simple, multi-piece toy sets, Connetix is an open-ended toy which enables children to play with the set in any way they like.  Toys like this, which don't 'suggest' or mandate the way children have to play with them, are better for both keeping kids busy and also for their development.

There are other companies making magnetic tile sets now days, but Connetix is the original and the best quality.  No splintery plastic corners and dislodged magnets here!  For a clever, fun and instinctively enjoyable toy set which will stand the test of time (and be in great shape to pass to a friend or relative when your little one has outgrown them!) look no further than Connetix.

Connetix Tiles are where play and learning connect - and as a result, toys of this kind are often featured on lists of the best toys you can buy for your children.

Still not convinced? Read more about why parents are raving about this brand for their kids.

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