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How Do Connetix Tiles Work?

So, you've purchased Connetix tiles and now you're wondering how exactly they work. You'll receive several coloured tiles with magnets inside them. These magnets are how they join together. They can be arranged to create all sorts of designs, from castles to animals to replicas of beloved characters.
Using them is so easy. Simply take your Connetix Tiles 100-Piece Set and have your child start pairing each piece together to create anything they want.

How Big Are Connetix Tiles?

The individual pieces are typically 15 x 15 cms This allows large and complex structures to be built. There is also a variation in the shapes of the tiles, so they can make specific shapes. Each set includes anywhere from 24 to 202 tiles, so be sure to shop accordingly.

Are Connetix Tiles Worth It?

Yes, these toys are worth the sense of accomplishment your child will receive when they've completed a project. Creating a design requires sitting on a project and working at it until it's completed. This means they'll learn how to work towards a long-term goal and nothing compares to the sense of achievement they'll receive when they've accomplished their goal.

Moreover, many toys have one linear use. Connetix encourages a child to build a world of their own. It can help them with world-building and storytelling, which will expand their minds. They can even become room decorations or long-term play sets. Connetix magnetic tiles also challenge the mathematical side of the mind. For example, the variety of sizes and shapes require children to think about dimensions and how to layout blueprints for a design and construct it.

It's no secret. Creativity has been undervalued in recent times, and it needs a resurgence in young minds. Children who harness their creativity perform better in all areas of life, whether that's school exams, problem-solving, or thinking for themselves. It's more than a toy. It's an avenue for creating stronger minds and greater independence.

Are Connetix Tiles Compatible With Other Cheaper Brands?

No, unfortunately other cheaper brands are not compatible with Connetix Tiles. They're generally small, hollow, and the magnet inside them is very small. This gives Connetix an advantage over other magnetic toys. Connetix tiles are more durable, and because of their larger magnets, the gravitational pull is more. They are also twice as large, and the colors are more vibrant.

Can I Mix Them With Magna Tiles?

Connetix and Magna Tiles are completely compatible, so you are free to mix and match them in any way you want. The same goes for Picasso Tiles. Just keep in mind that Picasso Tiles are easier to break because they're held together by glue. Connetix are held together using metal, making them much more durable.

How Durable Are Connetix Tiles?

Connetix magnetic tiles are known to be the strongest among competitors because they can survive falls or other accidents. They are held together using metal and have strong magnets within them. Parents can expect a durable product that will withstand the busiest of hands.

Where Are Connetix Tiles Made?

Connetix Tiles are made in China. Connetix  take safety very seriously, which is why all products undergo necessary testing and approval before they make it onto shelves.

What Age Is Connetix Tiles For?

We recommend Connetix products for children ages three and up. If it's your child's first time using these tiles, start with a small number to prevent them from getting overwhelmed. Then, as they learn how to create shapes, increase the number of tiles. This will keep them entertained and learning.

Are Connetix Tiles Safe?

Yes, these toys are safe to use. The plastic used to create this product is non-toxic. It's also BPA, Phthalate, and lead-free. While the tiles are sealed for extra safety, parents need to create an understanding with their children on how to use Connetix. They should not be swallowed, and they need to be put away after each use. Consuming the magnets can be very harmful; therefore, always go over ground rules with your kids on how to safely use toys.

How Do I Keep Connetix Clean?

Keeping these educational tiles clean is made easy. Simply wipe down periodically with a damp cloth. Don't submerge them underwater as this could cause them to rust. Using chemicals can also damage this product. Therefore, stick to a damp cloth and wipe them down. Feel free to spray with a disinfectant after cleaning.

What if I Want To Purchase This Item For My Classroom?

Connetix is great for stimulating the mind and bringing a classroom together. It could be used as a free time activity or incorporated into an assignment.

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