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Yumbox are one of the first and still the best producers of bento-style lunch boxes for children.  Their range of eco-friendly, bright and brilliant designs make packing lunches fun, and reduce the need for plastic waste or multiple small containers for school meals.

With designs inspired by the exquisite and practical Japanese packed-lunch culture and a cult following on Pinterest, Yumbox allows you to pack portion-appropriate wholefoods and healthy snacks with ease.  One of the best children's lunchbox options available, Yumboxes make keeping foods seperate and safe easy, even if that school bag take a beating!

The range of colours is bright and cheerful, while the multitude of choices in layout and configuration means there's an option to suit every child (and their lunch-prepping parent.)  The Yumbox Original even includes handy guides to the perfect ratio of different food groups, depicted with fun themed inserts.

Easy to clean, and leakproof for moist foods (think salads, pasta etc), Yumbox will reduce your reliance on packaged snackfoods and make sure everything in your child's lunchbox doesnt end up in a mush by the time they come to eat it.  Which means less food waste, and happier kids with more energy at school or wherever they may be.

Plus, they fit neatly into most standard sized lunch cooler bags, which makes them easy to keep cold on a warm day.