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Bobux produce award-winning, podiatrist approved first walkers and children's footwear from even before their feet touch the ground, to the day they're marching through the school gates.

Little feet are better off bare as much as possible when they're first learning to walk, but there are times when shoes are needed and the Bobux range offers many wonderful choices for your little Miss or Mister!

From their famously stylish and soft (yet sturdy!) desert style boots, to their sweet and secure T-bars and Mary Jane styles, this NZ brand brings all of the style, and all of the security that your baby needs for their early steps.

Bobux recognise the incredible number of changes our little ones go through as they grow through their early years and work closely with a range of podiatrists and researchers to help grow their understanding of foot health and development.  This enables them to create one of the world’s best children’s shoe ranges, in colours and designs which suit your child's wardrobe and activities.

Not sure what size to buy? You might like to check our returns policy before you buy.

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