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Why Are High-Quality Shoes Important For Natural Growth?

The bones in children's feet are still growing when they are born; approximately three-quarters of the bones exist, and their feet will continue to change dramatically over the following few years. They're sweet and squishy, but as any parent knows, youngsters grow up quickly, and their feet will soon take shape. They require shoes for protection, but their shoes must allow for free and natural mobility, without limitation, to guide them through their first experiences.

High-quality children's shoes should be completely dynamic (not stiff). This will encourage children's feet to grow naturally and provide them with the same range of motion as if they were not wearing shoes at all. That's why Bobux Australia shoes are made from the most comfortable and breathable materials to mimic your child's natural movement, almost like a second skin.


Are Bobux Shoes For All Stages of Development?

During the early years, children's feet will go through several stages of development as they learn to crawl, walk, run, and play. They need their feet to expand with them as they grow and develop, which is why they wear the right shoes for the growth phase they're in. Bobux Australia makes shoes for the stage, not for the age. Every child develops at a unique pace, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

While the feet aren't entirely developed until around 13-18 years old, the majority of the major changes occur during the first six years. Children's feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments when they are fully developed, but when they are born, their little bones are still forming, and their feet are essentially cartilage.


Babies and Crawlers

Bobux Soft Sole is the original all-leather, ultra-soft shoe that protects and calms developing babies' feet. Little feet require protection, but they also require the flexibility to grow and develop freely, which is why the Bobux creators invented the Original Soft Sole over 30 years ago to be like a second skin.


Cruising and Almost Walking 

The Xplorer is the ideal shoe for young cruisers as they begin on their first upright travels. It's lighter, harder, and bends more. Little cruising kids are just starting to investigate the environment from a new upstanding aspect, grabbing hold of chairs and tables to heighten their viewpoint.


First Walkers

Bobux Step Up is the ideal shoe for your baby's first steps. Designed for youngsters who are just starting to walk, these shoes have flexible bottoms for freedom of movement and harder-wearing materials to protect and support children as they begin to explore.



Little energy balls bouncing, running, hopping, and jumping. It appears that as soon as children learn to walk, they become little daredevils, going faster and faster. Bobux I-Walk shoes are ideal for competent walkers who want to start running, jumping, and playing.


What Are The Benefits of Bobux?

Everything Bobux does is based on the basic principle of not just manufacturing wonderful shoes but also making the greatest shoes for your children as they grow, develop, and learn to explore the world around them. It's a mindset that pushes them to always enhance their shoe designs, craftsmanship, and understanding of foot health.



Bobux creates footwear for all the adventures waiting for your child. The sole of their shoes is developed with your child's freedom of movement in mind and is form-fitted to their feet. They carefully pick flexible fabrics that protect your child's feet while allowing them to grow... to explore... from the sole up.

Like adult shoes, children's shoes must be comfy and protect their feet. The Bobux design philosophy begins with a thorough grasp of what comfort entails. Bobux shoes are tailored to the contour of a child's foot, using materials that are flexible enough to allow them to move and grow.



Almost every single component of a Bobux shoe is handcrafted before being meticulously constructed by craftsmen who care. Experts create the greatest shoes for growing feet from carefully selected leather, the softest merino wool, and the world's smartest knits.

Sourcing the world's greatest materials is an important part of producing the world's best children's shoes. Bobux Australia shoes are held to an incredibly high degree of quality; they must be long-lasting, adaptable to children's movements, and easily adjusted for the right fit.


Podiatrist Approved

Making the greatest children's shoes in the world demands a thorough understanding of how children move, grow, play, and develop. Bobux collaborates closely with pediatric podiatrists and movement experts to create shoes that your children will adore. These incredible shoes have been assessed and certified by prominent podiatrists in the field and have been carefully created for healthy developing feet.



From baby's first steps to the day they march through the school gates, Bobux is there every inch of the way. Little feet are best left bare as much as possible while learning to walk, but there are occasions when shoes are required, and the Bobux line has many lovely options for your little one!

Bobux's design philosophy begins with a thorough grasp of what comfort entails. Each of their shoes is made to fit the contour of a child's foot and is made of flexible materials that allow them to move and grow.


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