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Grapat handcrafted wooden toys are amongst the most sought-after and hard to buy on earth.  We are proud to be one of few Perth Grapat stockists, and love to share these special, simple toys with our customers and their families.

The Grapat range encompasses eco friendly, small world and open-ended toys consisting of loose parts and 'nins' (small, people-like figures) to allow free unstructured play without instructions. These beautiful wooden toys incite, invite and cause the creation of diverse worlds when children play with them - no screen-time can compete with this kind of imagination play for injecting pure magic into their days.  We loved this recent review from The Modern Mindful Mom on Grapat, which explores this concept.

Each Grapat piece is handmade in Spain and that makes it unique. The founders of the brand hail from a small town in the mountains of Catalunya, and were inspired by watching how their own daughter played as a small child to create this range.  The way she played with natural, found objects led them to the realisation that when toys are simple, handmade and can be used to play in any number of different ways, children have the freedom to explore their own - and are much happier and more entertained as a result!

Due to being a handmade product produced from a variety of locally sourced timbers and materials, the colours and aspects may vary from piece to piece.  Over time the wood may get some dents and cracks in it.  We feel that this is a positive sign which means that the pieces have achieved their purpose: lots of hours of creative play!

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