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What Are The Benefits Of Bedhead Hats For Children?

Have you ever bought a hat and found out that it only protects a portion of your baby’s head?
Sadly, that’s the state of many baby hats in the market today. However, Bedhead Hats are different! They make their hats using a super soft fabric that protects your babies' skin from harmful UV rays. Its broad brim offers a large area of protection for your child. They cover the ears and the neck, making it the perfect baby sun hat during the hot summer months.


Anti-Flop Technology

Broad-brimmed hats are common in Australia, but many have one problem – the brims keep flopping right before your baby’s eyes. This is a nightmare for toddlers when they’re playing and having fun. In fact, flopping brims are one of the reasons why many kids don’t like these kinds of hats. No wonder they keep ripping them off whenever they get a chance.
Bedhead Hats come with a unique anti-flop technology that keeps the brims steady and ensures they don’t flop in front of their eyes. This means they can enjoy the outdoors without their hats getting in the way.


Soothing Comfort

Talk of a hat designed with your baby in mind. Bedhead Hats are designed with comfort. They are so comfortable that kids forget they’re wearing them. Many moms who have tried these hats on their newborns are surprised how their babies don’t even notice they’re wearing them. This has a lot to do with the level of comfort these hats offer. Bedhead Hats makes sure the materials used are soft, protective, and won't itch your little one's scalp.


Patterns Galore

Have a specific style in mind? We have you covered. Browse through the dozens of designs, colors, and styles. From child-friendly prints to vibrant colors, your little one will love wearing Bedhead Hats. They are fun to look at and even more enjoyable to wear.


What’s The Right Size For My Baby?

Ever bought a hat only to learn it's twice the size of your baby's head? Frustrating, wasn't it?
Many moms have terrible experiences with hats that are either too big or too small. Brands are often to blame for this because they market hats as “one-size-fits-all” when the final result couldn't be farther from the truth. Every newborn is different, and you need a specific size for your baby. Which begs the question: What’s the right size for my baby?
We’ll show you how to measure your baby’s head to find the right size below, but keep in mind that Bedhead baby hat sizes start from as tiny as 37cm in circumference. The material used in making these hats is super-stretchy and lightweight, which means the hat grows with the baby.


How Can You Measure Your Baby’s Size?

To avoid buying a hat that might be too big or too small, measure your child's head. This is the only way to ensure a hat that fits properly.

Begin by distracting your little one with a toy or some food. The goal here is to keep their attention away long enough to get accurate measurements in. Using a measuring tape, measure your baby's head circumference. If you don't have a tape measure, use a ribbon. Afterward, place the ribbon on a ruler to find the correct measurement.

While you may not find the exact size for your baby, purchase one that is closest to your child’s measurement. As mentioned before, Bedhead Hats are stretchy and can grow up to 4 cm. For example, if your child measures 40cms head circumference, we recommend a 41cm hat size that can stretch to 45 cm. Don’t buy an oversized hat, as it could block your child’s vision.
In addition, it’s constructed with a reinforcing that gives room for growth when it comes to the brim. When packing, all you need to do is fold it neatly into your baby bag, and you’re good to go.


What Makes Bedhead Hats Different And Unique?

Ultimate UV Coverage

Bedhead Hats knows the value of hats for little ones. They know too well how difficult it can be to protect children from the intense Aussie sun during picnics and outings and have stepped up to the plate to deliver high-quality hats that effectively block UV rays.
Bedhead Hats is one of the few in the industry that has achieved the elusive and hard to get UPF 50+ excellent protection standard, which is a top-level protection standard only found in superior quality items.


Style and Protection

Your baby won't have to sacrifice style for sun protection. As a plus, the brand offers fun and colorful prints that coordinate with any outfit. From butterflies to octopuses to hearts, we're sure you'll find a design both you and your little one will love.


Lightweight Materials

Using lightweight, protective materials, your baby won't feel weighed down as they try to move around and play. In fact, they'll appreciate the refreshing comfort, shade, and design of Bedhead Hats.


Several Size Options

The Bedhead brand also offers a range of hat sizes, including tiny sizes which can be difficult to find. Browse through Bedhead Hats collection today, and we guarantee you'll find a size and style for any baby!



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