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If you're looking for ways to keep your little people occupied (and for those of you in locked down areas right now, we appreciate this is a real challenge), we have something that might help.  We've rounded up our Top 20 "busy" toys, crafts and activities for your inspiration, and grouped them by ages to make choosing something your kids will love even easier.

Whether you're looking for indoor ideas to while away the hours peacefully, or fun things to take outside to the backyard or park to run off some energy, you'll find something just right from the list below.  And best of all?  They're all educational (in some way) so you know they're learning things as they play.  We call that a win-win!

They're the best toys to keep kids busy, and as we all know, busy kids are happy kids... and happy kids make for chilled, happy parents!

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Best Toys for Busy Toddlers & Preschoolers toys to keep kids busy

  1. Freckled Frog 'My Rainbow Globe', $99.00
  2. Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Math Colour Rings $27.96
  3. Tooky Toy Learning Block Box $49.95
  4. Kikkerland Flower Press Frame $14.95
  5. Tooky Toy Counting Stacker $32.95
  6. Cognitive Flash Cards 'Animal Sounds' $13.99
  7. Dyles Good Night Book $46.95



Best Toys for Busy 5-9 Year Old Kidsbest toys to keep kids busy

  1. Kikkerland Great Outdoors Duel Magnifier $22.95
  2. Connetix 30 Piece Geometry Pack $69.95 
  3. Tiger Tribe Magna Rewards Star Chart $19.95
  4. Astrup Wooden Shapes & Fraction Games Set $44.21
  5. Mrs Green Plant A Sack Grow Seeds $8.95
  6. Heebie Jeebies Airboat Clip Circuit $21.95
  7. Astrup Wooden Educational Clock $69.95



Best Toys for 9 - 12+ Year Old Kids

  1. Crayola Stacked Bracelet Kit $16.95
  2. Heebie Jeebies DIY Robot Soldering Kit $46.99
  3. Jarmelo Marbling Paint Kit (12 Colours) $31.95
  4. Heebie Jeebies DIY Bionic Ear Soldering Kit $44.95
  5. eeBoo 500 Piece Round Puzzle 'Mushrooms & Butterflies' $39.95
  6. Heebie Jeebies Fitzroy's Storm Glass $29.95



Of course, there are many, many more great ideas throughout our online store and in our Perth shop, so have a browse and find something just perfect for your little busy-bee!

Love, Teri and the Team



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